Benefits of Planting Trees

Planting trees improves property values while creating a better environment for both people and animals. For all of the following reasons we encourage individual homeowners, homeowner associations, apartment building owners, and the owners of commercial properties to plant as many trees as possible:

  • Trees create beauty which we can all enjoy;
  • Trees produce the oxygen required for life by both humans and every living animal;
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air which assists in reducing .the effects of global warming;
  • Trees create food for both humans and animals;
  • Trees create shade for buildings which reduces energy costs during hot summer months;
  • Trees are often planted as living memorials or reminders of loved ones or significant events;
  • Trees reduce the loss of water by evaporation, especially in desert and semi-arid climates;
  • Trees provide habitats for many species of wildlife;
  • Trees cool and beautify parking lots; and
  • Trees filter out the air, dangerous pollution, improving our health and environment.


Trees that are often recommended for desert or semi-arid climates include the Ironwood Tree, the Thevetia Tree, the Shanel Ash, the Live Oak, and the Ocotillo Tree. Trees add value to almost any property, if properly selected and located.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago. Don't wait. You can start today.