Rezoning of Land in California

Rezoning of land by a property owner in California is extremely difficult to accomplish. This means a person should never purchase land assuming they will be successful in rezoning it because, while it is possible, it is not likely to be achieved.

The process for rezoning land is long, difficult, complicated, and expensive. It also varies from county to county.

Given that zoning determines what you can or cannot do with your land, many people would like to rezone their property in order to enhance its useability and value. If you intend to seek the rezoning of your land, it's recommended that you start by carefully reading: General Plans - Cities and Counties and then consulting with an experienced land use attorney. An experienced land use attorney can help you decide whether you want to spend the money and time to pursue a zoning change and can estimate the cost. If you need a referral, call Michael Chulak who founded in 1987.


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