Soils Reports

A soils report is prepared by a geotechnical engineer, registered civil engineer, or soils engineer. The report is intended to identify and analyze soils conditions at a specific location and to provide design recommendations for preparing the soil and constructing a foundation. Soils reports typically include a text or narrative portion, a site plan, boring logs, and engineering calculations. Soils reports are relied upon by architects, contractors, and the city or county building department. The purpose of the report is to ensure that a safe and sound building is constructed.


Soil Boring Tests

The most common reasons for conducting soil boring tests include: (1) When a building permit is needed for construction , and (2) when purchasing or selling land. In order for sellers to disclose environmental conditions, they can conduct soil borings and testing in order to avoid potential liability. Likewise, a buyer can be assured their land acquisition does not involve toxic soil.