Syndicators will find that working with to acquire or sell syndicated apartment buildings or commercial properties has great advantages.

When a syndicator acquires an income producing property, utilizing the brokerage services of (upon prior approval), our firm will do the following:

  • Convert 50% of our real estate brokerage commission to a limited partnership interest so the syndicator has use of the cash that would otherwise be paid to the company, and
  • Manage the property, if desired, deferring 65% of the management fees until the property is sold.

When a syndicator sells an investment property utilizing the real estate brokerage services of, Pacific will do the following:

  • Conditioned upon a down payment of at least 25%, Pacific will convert its equity and any deferred management fees into a seller carry-back second trust deed loan, at the then market rate of interest for such loans for a term of ten years.