Vacant Land Liability Insurance

Investors in vacant land need to obtain liability insurance to protect their assets and income from claims that are becoming more common in our litigious world.

Depending upon the size and location of your vacant land, the follow types of claims are becoming common:

  • Hiking, walking, and falling injuries;
  • Animal attacks;
  • Hunting and target practice accidents;
  • All-terrain vehicle accidents;
  • Swimming accidents (ponds);
  • Fire accidents; and
  • Harm caused by access to contaminated or polluted materials dumped on the property.

Children pose a unique risk because they are held to far lower standards than adults.

In California, even trespassers are owed a duty of care to protect them against certain dangerous conditions.

Do not risk your assets and income. It is wise to thoroughly inspect your vacant property on a regular basis and to buy sufficient liability insurance to protect yourself and loved ones.