Community Gardens - Collective Gardens

A community garden is a parcel of land that is divided up among a group of individuals and utilized to grow vegetables and/or flowers on each person's designated plot of land.

A community garden is not the same as a collective garden where the land is not divided' into individual plots. With a collective garden, the harvest belongs to the entire group: and is divided according to an agreement.

In the United States, community gardens are very popular. Collective gardens are not.

Developing a community garden can be accomplished by a single landowner as a means of making his or her land generate income. This can be done by leasing the entire parcel to another person who runs the business, or by leasing the individual plots to users.

Many investors involved in land banking create community gardens to generate income. Others include apartment building owners and homeowner associations that want to create a valuable amenity for both renters and homeowners.


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