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These articles were written by Michael Chulak from January 2020 to the current date to supplement our frequently asked questions section on this website and to provide you with valuable information.

Land Sales and Acquisitions

Questions to Ask a Land Broker
Developer and Home Builder Services
Real Estate Development Joint Ventures
Buyer's Real Estate Agent - Land
Environmental Site Assessments - Due Diligence
Lithium Valley

Before You Make an Offer to Acquire Land
Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports
California Land Appraisers
Real Estate Appraisals - Appraisers
Soils Reports
Groundwater Wells
Rainwater Harvesting - Stormwater Harvesting
Solar Generators
Solar Farms - Photovoltaic Power Stations
Wind Farms

Mutual Water Companies - California
Glossary of Groundwater and Water Well Terms
Septic Tanks

Mojave Desert Region of California
Low Desert
High Desert
Kern County
Land Banking Strategies
Community Gardens
Campsite or Campground Investments
Benefits of Planting Trees
Tree Disputes in California

Land Investing for Non-Citizens
Land Sales Contracts
Tips for Selling Vacant Land
Sell Your Unsaleable Land
Unbuildable Residential Lots
Landlocked Property
Buy or Sell Remote Desert Land in California
Avoiding Land Fraud
Public Reports in California
"As Is" Real Estate Contracts
Famous Quotations About Land
Air Rights in Real Estate

Supply and Demand for Land
Who Owns America?
Land Ownership in China

Inflation - What You Need to Know
Installment Sales of Real Estate
FICO Score - Credit Score
Land Banking Joint Ventures
Map of High-Risk Fire Hazard Areas
Attention Land Subdividers and Developers
Free Federal Government Land
Homestead Act (1862)
Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Acquire Real Estate with Self-Directed IRA and 401K Accounts
Reasons to Use an Independent Escrow Company

The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act
Assessor Parcel Maps
Assessor Parcel Numbers
Land Descriptions
General Plans - Cities and Counties
Typical Zoning Codes
Zoning in California - Conditional Use Permits
Rezoning Land in California
Open Space Reserve
Tax Increases - Proposition 13
Glossary of Escrow Terms
Escrows in California
What Does Title Insurance Insurance Protect Against?
Land Survey
California Land Surveyors
Differences Between CLTA and ALTA Title Policies
Preliminary Title Reports
Real Property Liens in California
Holding Title to Real Estate in California
Ground Lease - Land Lease

Deeds in California
Mineral Rights
Conservation Easements
Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency
Final Subdivision Public Reports - California
Partition of Real Estate – Forced Sale

Historical Timeline - Los Angeles Area
Meanings and Origins of Names - Los Angeles County
Historical Timeline - Coachella Valley
Timeline of the Salton Sea
Lake Arrowhead Region
Historical Timeline for Lake Arrowhead
Historical Timeline for the Big Bear Region
Three Differences Between Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead
Real Estate Brokerage or Pyramid Scheme?
Superfund Sites in California
Land Loans
Construction Loans
Acquisition of Properties in Mexico
Glossary of Manufactured Homes Terms
Five Reasons to Use An Independent Insurance Broker
Vacant Land Liability Insurance
Real Estate Acronyms
Land Forms

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