Developer and Home Builder Services and its affiliates provide several services to developers and home builders. provides the following:

  • Searches for land zoned for planned developments, condominiums, apartment buildings, and commercial properties;
  • Sales of land parcels that are unwanted or of limited value after a development is planned; and
  • Sales of new homes being offered for sale in Southern California.


An affiliate, or another affiliate, can provide the following:

  • Homeowner association management services for condominiums, planned developments, mutual water companies, and tenancy in common developments;
  • Transition services from developer control to homeowner control; and
  • Providing developers and home builders with HOA Management Proposals for submission to the DRE.


Michael Chulak provides the following:

  • Free HOA board training seminars,
  • HOA inspector of election services, and
  • Mediation Services.