Typical Zoning Codes

Zoning Codes Are established and enforced at the city level unless the subject property is not located in a city. The county would then establish and enforce their zoning codes. Not all cities and counties have identical zoning codes. Municipal codes and county codes will provide the applicable zoning codes for the subject area.

Most, but not all, cities and counties use the following codes:

  • Single Family Residential (R-1)
  • Two Family Residential (R-2)
  • Multi-Family Residential (R-M)
  • Planned Development (RD)
  • Commercial Office (C-O)
  • Neighborhood Commercial (C-O)
  • Retail Commercial (C-O)
  • General Commercial (C-O)
  • Industrial Park (C-O)
  • Light Industrial (C-O)
  • Heavy Industrial (C-O)
  • Agricultural (A)

Each city and county establishes what can be built in each of the zones, setback requirements, and other requirements.